The CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW]

You don’t feel like thick air? But instead more time for your passion!
The CaraBus/CaraTour 630 MEG [OUTLAW] is the world’s first series CUV that is already perfectly equipped ex works for transporting your motorcycles. At night, a gas‐tight rear garage separates you from your bike and during the day, the [OUTLAW] takes you safely and quickly to the next adventure!
Spend more time on your bike – and don’t waste precious free time with a self‐assembly! The CaraBus/CaraTour 630 MEG [OUTLAW] is your companion and comes at a top price with proven WEINSBERG quality.

The CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW] layouts

Exclusive insights into the CaraBus/CaraTour 630 MEG [OUTLAW]

Continuously sealed

At night, a gas‐tight rear garage separates you from your bike and during the day, the [OUTLAW] takes you safely and quickly to the next adventure!

Home sweet home!

Not only your bike is always with you – also your mobile home with kitchen, dinette and separate sleeping area.


So that you can start relaxed into your next adventure: In the 630 MEG [OUTLAW] are comfortable longitudinal beds on board.


The door to the rear garage closes airtight – thick air in the living area? Nope!


You neither have to worry about your bike while driving! This can be easily but safely fastened in the rear garage.

The highlights

• Lying height above bed (above mattress) approx. 59 cm
• Bed width approx. 170 cm
• Bed length on the right approx. 197.5 cm
• Bed length on the left approx. 193 cm
• Loading width between the wheel cases approx. 137.5 cm; wider above the fittings and space for the handlebars
• Loading height approx. 148 cm
• Loading depth on the right approx. 220 cm
• Loading depth on the left approx. 217 cm
• Loose space for two Euro pallets in horizontal order (120 cm x 80 cm / pallet)


If your racing colleagues come by for a chatty evening – the seating group offers enough space for it: rotating cabin seats, fold‐out table and of course plenty of room for provisions in the ceiling storage cupboards.

Well supported

A race without refreshment? Impossible! The kitchen including 75 litre refrigerator and two‐flame cooker with electric ignition offers enough space for your refreshment!


Always ready to hand but also stowed away to save space: The ramp can be attached to the vehicle at an optimum angle to make loading easier.


In the practical storage compartments in the rear garage you can store everything you need the next day anyway: shoes, gloves, helmet and much more.

Charged up

Checking emails, editing photos or watching series in the evening? No problem! You can find enough plugs in the sleeping area.


Meanwhile you can charge your phone with the USB plugs in the sleeping area so that it is ready for taking some snapshots on the next day.


Brushing your teeth in the morning or taking a warm shower after the race? No problem – the 630 MEG [OUTLAW] also has a separate bathroom with window.

Lots of space for lots of possibilities

A CUV completely in its element

The spacious rear garage offers space for up to two motorcycles and accessories.

Well and safely stored

Small and large four‐legged friends are happy about a spacious and safe home for on the go.

A real storage miracle

The large rear garage is not only suitable for motorcycles but of course also for mountain bikes or racing bikes.

XXL garage for XXL riding fun

Even large quads find room in the [OUTLAW].

Well equipped on every construction site

With the [OUTLAW] you have got a transporter and a hotel room in one.

Complete WEINSBERG CUV competence

Despite the large rear garage, you don’t have to do without comfort. Your 630 MEG [OUTLAW] is a full‐fledged, comfortable WEINSBERG CUV.