to 3,5 tons
6 beds
4 layout plans


Huge on the inside, compact on the outside: despite its comfortable lifting bed and ample space our CaraSuite remains an agile semi‐integrated model. What makes it a real eye‐catcher? Of course its dynamic silhouette with the new rear light carrier and the foil graphics underlining its sporty appearance. This makes it clear at first glance that the CaraSuite offers maximum driving pleasure and convincing efficiency as standard!

Its high box gives the CaraSuite a full 15 centimetres more vehicle height and headroom which makes the interior appear particularly generous. The standard lifting bed is safely stowed away during the day and lowered quickly in the evening to guarantee cosy sleeping comfort.

With a headroom of up to 2.1 m, the CaraSuite offers the largest room height in its class!

Depending on the layout, 4 types of rear garages offer plenty of space for travel items.

The great look in styling package 2 impresses with the expressive roof cover and the stylish vehicle foil graphics.

From the front to the rear, the CaraSuite has the highest room height of all motorhomes.

All around a typical WEINSBERG – its characteristic design is also given by the rear light carrier with full LED rear lights.


with well thought‐out details.

New exterior foil graphics

These give the CaraSuite a new cool look.

Easy‐Travel Box

All service connections combined in one central location.


I want to go to the wilderness, my brother to the PLAYMOBIL FunPark and Dad wants to show us the region Ausseerland. Mom just wants to be with us. How does all this fit into one holiday? Easy! Everything fits into a CaraSuite, my dad says.