to 3,5 tons
4 beds
4 layout plans


Compact but comfortable: The CaraLoft is exactly the right motorhome for everyone who wants to use a lot of equipment, modern design and top quality efficiently. From the fully fledged kitchen with 3‐flame cooker to the practical open bathroom with sliding washbasin to the many details, such as USB sockets or LED spots: The CaraLoft offers enough space for lots of camping highlights.

As a chef, I have my demands in terms of holiday catering, already during breakfast and even when we are travelling with the motorhome. But first we need a few cups of pick‐me‐ups. Thanks to the 3‐flame cooker we don’t have to wait long for it. After barely three minutes the start into the day is perfect!

The balanced room concept encourages you to cook and relax.

Additional seating on the longitudinal bench of the 650 MF.

Great view from the driver’s cabin – and intelligently placed storage compartments above.

The rotatable original Fiat captainchair seats transform the dinette into a comfortable seating group (available in the Fiat package).

Clever hiding places for more comfort. Under the bed and under the refrigerator there is additional space for luggage and co.

Heating and ventilation in the living area are wonderfully easy to control with the Truma iNet control unit.

The integrated head‐up display provides even more safety. All relevant data in the direct field of vision so that your eyes always stay on the road. Optionally available in media package.

The insect screen door keeps out unbidden guests.

Let the kitchen games begin

Today on the menu: something savoury from the camping kitchen. Saltimbocca with risotto on the 3‐flame cooker is an excellent choice. The lighting in the kitchen as well as in the dinette is top – after all, the dish should also be visually pleasing.

The 3‐flame cooker with glass cover and the stainless steel sink invite you to cook.

They provide space and light: the ceiling cupboards above the dinette and their LED spots.

Even as an active outdoor fan i need some sleep

Anne and I are really exhausted but very happy. Together we make ourselves comfortable in a cuddly bed. I am glad that we have such good mattresses: outdoor is brilliant, but without a restful night’s sleep I turn into a grumpy yeti.

Oh la la! The 650 MF layout attracts with a French bed.

Storage spaces in the ceiling cupboard are easily accessible.

Accessible from the inside and outside – storage space under the bed.

You sleep separately in the 650 MEG layout, but not alone.

The transverse double bed of the 550 MG offers full size despite the short layout.

Brings additional sleeping space. Another bed can be created out of the dinette.

Plenty of space in the ceiling cupboards as well.

Outdoor fan and wimp

Cooling down in the creek is quite nice but washing in it as well? No, thanks! I’ll rather have a warm shower. That’s exactly the right thing after all the sports. Soap, toothbrush and co. is quickly to the hand. But first, I let Anne go ahead.

In the mirror cupboard of the 600 MF and 650 MF hygiene articles can be stored perfectly.

The generous washbasin blends harmoniously into the design.

The shower door keeps the rest of the bathroom dry.

Compact bath with a movable washbasin in the 550 MG and 650 MEG.

Low shower tray entrance for extra comfort.


with well thought‐out details.

Swivel washbasin

Can be positioned over the shower or toilet as required.

Body door COMFORT

with automotive locking system and 2 foldable coat hooks.

Foldable worktop

Creates additional storage space.

Easily accessible controls elements

for the Dometic ceramic cassette toilet with electric pump.

Stainless steel sink

Large enough to clean even deep pots inside.

Storage space in the rear garage

The integrated compartments leave even more room for luggage.

USB charging socket

For charging smartphones, tablets and the like.

Fabric covering

This creates a feel‐good factor in the rear area.







Available at extra cost.