to 3,5 tons
4 beds
4 layout plans

Plenty of space when you are on the road

It is quite simple: If you need a lot of space but still want to explore the world. If you are planning long tours but still want to be comfortable. If you want to camp without being stuffy. Then you need the CaraLoft.

Why? Because we thought it through down to the last detail. With innovative combination rear lights and foil graphics worth seeing. Because it is manoeuvrable and never lets you down. Because it makes all your camping dreams come true and you feel at home with it all over the world. Because the CaraLoft is simply YOUR motorhome and now looks better than ever before!

Discover the CaraLoft

CaraLoft variants

CaraLoft 550 MG
CaraLoft 650 MEG
CaraLoft 650 MF

#teamWEINSBERG - Markus Sämmer

Finally a break, finally out again! Anne and I have been looking forward to a few relaxed days for a long time. Our plan: to the Ammersee lake and Alpine foothills in the CaraLoft. Not that far away and therefore perfect for a short weekend trip. On the way I can grab some ideas for my new outdoor cookbook.

CaraLoft benefits

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