to 3,5 tons
5 beds
3 layout plans


The fully integrated construction of the CaraCore allows for a completely new sense of space. Of course we cleverly take this up in the interior. With open lines of sight, you always have all the highlights in view – whether the comfortable beds at the rear, the inviting kitchen or the largest bathroom in its class. Now take a look at the highlights awaiting you in the CaraCore.

True greatness. The spatial feeling is absolutely great and is supported by the elegant cross grain of the furniture.

High‐quality fabrics and a pleasant seating comfort contribute to the harmonious design concept.

Elegant ceiling cupboards with plenty of storage space, integrated slide guards, the WEINSBERG furniture handle and flaps with tactile surface.

The high‐quality seats in the driver’s cabin guarantee optimal travel comfort.

Inviting. The side bench and the foldable seat in the 700 MEG await pleasant company.

Huge. The unique spatial feeling is created by the open visual axis with a fluent transition between the living area and the driver’s cabin.

Pure beauty. The kitchen unit has internalised aesthetics.

Awesome. Slim Tower 142 l refrigerator with AES function as standard.

Silent. Spacious drawers with soft close function.

Simply perfect. A 3‐flame cooker with glass cover.

Impressive. The characteristic WEINSBERG signature element.

Spacious ceiling cupboards in a new look.

Practical LED spots for light in the right place.

The standard lifting bed fits elegantly into the room concept. When raised, there is enough space underneath to linger in the dinette.

When the lifting bed is lowered, there is a cosy sleeping place for two people.

Premium ambience with LEDs with touch function also in the lifting bed area.

Elegant cupboards with generous storage options.

Comfort zone. The sleeping area in 650 MEG and 700 MEG with 2 m longitudinal single beds. A perfect design down to the smallest detail: ceiling cupboards with exclusive WEINSBERG handles and soft‐touch LED.

Wall lights for optimal lighting in the sleeping area.

A clear design language also for the leathercovered side elements with fabric nets.

Stay in bed. In the French bed of the 650 MF with EvoPoreHRC mattress and storage space under the bed.

Dreamlike. The dinette can become an additional sleeping space.

Intelligent storage solutions wherever you look.

Stylish and linear design in the largest bathroom in its class (700 MEG).

Close the doors to the bedroom and living area and you’ll have a large open bath in no time at all in the 700 MEG.

A spacious shower area to feel good in the bathroom of the 700 MEG.

A mirror cabinet with elegant LED lights.

Pure aesthetics in the bathroom of the 650 MF. There is also plenty of space at the washbasin and in the shower.


with well thought‐out details.

Soft close drawers

Great comfort thanks to the soft and quiet closing of the drawers.

Manual or electric front shading

Creates privacy on the camping pitch for the night.

Open visual axis

The fully integrated construction offers a great spatial feeling and much space to linger.

The largest bathroom in its class

Offers sufficient space for up to three people. (700 MEG)