Oh, how romantic!

Touring the South of England with the CaraCompact.

Enchanting coastal charm. Endless green landscapes and historical highlights… the dream of our journey through the South of England has been more than fulfilled and our beloved „house on wheels‟ has once again shown itself to be the perfect companion.

Our honeymoon suite

And just like that, it’s here: The moment that we have been working towards for the last few years. Before we could embark on the journey of our dreams, a certain amount of planning was required.

Apart from the route and the places that we definitely wanted to visit, we thought carefully about what to pack so that our long‐awaited adventure would become an unforgettable experience.

Perfectly organised

The large, rear‐ventilated wardrobe has more than enough storage space for every type of outfit.

For snuggling: Upholstery featuring a new design and modern style.

The cosy dinette with its rotating table and high‐quality furniture surfaces is the perfect setting for romantic evenings.

Go fishing!

Detour into a very special adventure: In the dinky little town of Lyme Regis, visitors can try their luck fishing for mackerel on small fishing boats under the guidance of experienced sea dogs.

Great Britain is great!

Welcome to Britain!

The journey to Calais is an easy one, and we arrive in a couple of hours, including a brief stop for coffee. We then immediately embark on the ferry to Dover. What a great feeling, to travel by car over the sea in just under 90 minutes! We absolutely love Dover, which is a really pretty little town.

To be honest, I was rather nervous about driving on the left. Without reason, as it turned out, when Ben hands over the steering wheel with a broad grin and the words: „It’s your turn to drive, darling!‟. With total concentration and using the central reservation as orientation (I read up on this on the Internet beforehand), I managed the changeover without difficulty.

Driving comfort

The cockpit offers plenty of comfort and is perfect for relaxed driving. The seats can be rotated to face the living area.

With the optional rear view camera, you will always fit into even the smallest of parking spaces.

Phenomenal views that remain with you forever. The large windows ensure you have the best view while you are on the go.

Real kitchen masters

During our stay in Torquay we buy fresh fish and vegetables at the market. Cooking together in our kitchen is great! With the worktop extension folded out, we are able to start cooking straight away like a seasoned kitchen team.

This time yet again, the indirect lighting for the worktop serves its purpose well – a real help when preparing the evening meal! On the three‐flame cooker, the fish is fried in no time and tastes unbelievably good.

In the kitchen

The hard‐wearing surface of the kitchen worktop is prepared for the toughest of jobs.

The refrigerator offers an astonishing 149 litres of space, so travellers will never suffer the ravages of hunger or thirst.

The professional‐quality kitchen with its three‐flame cooker and extended worktop makes cooking a real pleasure.


On the road but still at home

Jumping into the shower after a restful night’s sleep – I love camping life! What I also love is the large mirror cabinet. It has enough space for my make‐up equipment, so that I can make myself look pretty for Ben.

After a wonderful day in Dartmouth, the English weather decides to live up to its reputation – with strong wind and driving rain. Others might complain, but Ben and I enjoy it! After all, the GRP roof of our CaraCompact is so durable that not even hail can wear it out.

Secure in this knowledge, we spend a cosy evening „at home‟. We snuggle up together in the seating area – with the pattering of raindrops in the background.

Bed and bathroom

Sleeping above, with the storage cabinet below. This is how practical and easy travelling can be!

The comfortable reclining area in the rear is perfect for an extended nap.

To create more space in the shower, simply slide the practical swivelling sink over the toilet.

Nice to meet you!

The rain is followed by the sun – and the next destination. At the camping sites, we are always welcomed warmly. In Penzance, we befriend our camping neighbours. Claire and James are from Cork in Ireland and have been enthusiastic campers for 20 years. They think our CaraCompact is really fantastic.

They were especially impressed by the Easy Travel Box because it combines all service connections in the same location. James describes this type of clever engineering as „typically German‟! And he should know, as he works as an engineer himself for a medical technology company.

Well lit

You look good! Characteristic tail light moulding with clear glass rear lamps.

On the wish list: The LED daytime running lights are available as an option.

The Easy Travel Box, which combines all the main connections for electricity and water in one central location, is a stand‐out feature in this price class.

Pan‐fried salmon with broccoli

For the marinade, mix a dash of olive oil with pepper and lemon juice, add rosemary. Brush the salmon fillets with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, fry in the pan on both sides for 3 minutes. Cook the broccoli for 3–4 minutes in boiling salted water. Drizzle the marinade over both. That’s it!:)