The perfect waves.

Taking the CaraBus to the beaches of Portugal.

The boards are stowed, the clothes packed, and the refrigerator stocked – we’re ready to go! Once again, we are off on tour together. This time, we are going surfing on the legendary Portuguese beaches.

Let’s get away!

When choosing the CaraBus, I specifically picked a model with enough room for me and my friends. Having shared more than a few wonderful trips together already, this time we head to Portugal to try our hand at kitesurfing.

Along with my sweetheart Eva and my best mate Jan, Jan’s girlfriend Kathrin has also joined „Team Portugal‟. And there is also our cuddly four‐legged friend, Joey Ramone.

Surfing on the Algarve

The Algarve is the ultimate paradise for everyone who loves to surf. Numerous beaches guarantee a fantastic surfing experience for beginners and advanced surfers alike – and all year round thanks to mild temperatures!

At one with nature

Everything on board! With the generous storage space, it’s absolutely no problem.

Prepare culinary delights on the two‐flame cooker while savouring the panoramic view of your surroundings – wonderful!

On the large worktops in the kitchen, you can also conjure up three‐course meals.

Let’s go surfing!

We travel across Europe to the Algarve, where we set about finding the perfect beaches and the ideal wind conditions for surfing. Naturally, we have a rough itinerary of the route, but our final stops are chosen spontaneously depending on the swell.

Watching Joey dashing across the beach at our first stop is a sheer delight. Eva and I set up the loungers we brought and make ourselves comfortable outside the CaraBus, while Kathrin and Jan are already testing the wind and the water.

Throughout our journey, we also take frequent trips inland to enjoy the spectacular landscape. The high and compact CaraBus is the ideal vehicle on every type of road.

Whenever possible, we make a stop and open the large side and rear doors: This opens up the interior of the bus to the outdoor environment to create one big space – what a feeling of freedom!


Make some space!

Yet again, the countless storage possibilities really pay off. A variety of items starts to accumulate in the ingenious pocket system: The map on which we have marked the best surf spots, a notepad scribbled with insider tips for Lisbon from friends in Germany, and various books and magazines.

My sporty CaraBus handles the busy traffic of Lisbon with aplomb. You would never guess that it was carrying four people, a dog, and all their kit!

The transformation

Sleep with a view of the stars in the GRP high roof with its lifting bed.

If necessary, the bed can disappear discretely under the roof to create plenty of headroom.

Unlimited storage space and through‐loading capabilities, if the large transversal bed at the rear is not in use.

Friends on tour

In the evenings, we usually sit together with a glass or two of wine – Portuguese beer is not to be sniffed at either! In the semi‐dinette, we simply rotate the seats in the driver’s cab to create space at the table for everyone.

Kathrin, who is with us for the first time, raves about the solid cabinet construction and the combination of Oregon Ash and Melinga Beige… what can I say – I have exceptional taste.

Outside the door

The kitchen with its smart storage space detail for the lifting bed ladder and the large refrigerator are super practical.

The optional flyscreen doors keep annoying pests where they belong – outside.

Absolutely breathtaking! The panoramic view and open lines of sight come as standard with the CaraBus.

Back to the beach

Back on the beach, we enjoy the feeling of sand underfoot and really unwind on a picnic. Joey’s favourite place is definitely the rear opening – from here, he has the best view and can keep a watchful eye on us. Every night when we go to bed, we are grateful for the mosquito screens on all the windows that keep the buzzing beasts at bay.

After exciting and intensive days full of experiences, it is great that we can freshen up in the shower cubicle. It is precisely this feeling of utter independence that I really love about travelling with the CaraBus!


When the mood takes you

Want to freshen up? You can do so at any time in the fully equipped bathroom with a ceramic cassette toilet and an integrated shower with shower curtain.

The centrally located control unit provides you with a clear overview at all times while on the move.

From two, make one: The single beds can be transformed into a large double bed in a few simple steps. And this creates another large storage space beneath the middle section.

Pastéis de Belém

This sweet delicacy of crispy puff pastry with an egg‐yolk and cream filling is melt‐in‐the‐mouth delicious. The genuine article is only available in Lisbon. And the most delicious examples are the saucer‐sized puddings sold by the patisserie in the suburb of Belém. A visit can also be very conveniently combined with a tour of the Torre de Belém watchtower and the Jerónimos Monastery. Incidentally, the latter is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.