God Dag, Norge!

To the Norwegian fjords with the CaraHome.

Our first camping holiday as a family… Sebastian and I have always been passionate about camping. But how would our little Nico take to it? We can hardly wait to return to our beloved Norway. It will be the first trip in our new, mobile home from home, the CaraHome.

Where are all the trolls?

Generally speaking, our son Nico is very attached to his familiar surroundings, which has made it difficult for all of us to enjoy previous holidays spent in hotels. However, Nico was instantly captivated by the CaraHome.

During the time leading up to our departure, he even insisted on his daily „tour of inspection‟ – always accompanied by his cuddly toys „Haihai‟ and „Koali‟. Naturally, even as we were packing, the pair were allocated a special spot in the „moho‟, as Nico affectionately christened the motorhome.

On the road with everything from home

Hard‐wearing materials and surfaces are designed to cope with food spills.

In the practical kitchen with its numerous storage options, three‐flame cooker and stainless steel sink, favourite dishes can be rustled up in no time.

Here, you feel at home! Thanks to the unique headroom, the CaraHome provides an exceptional sense of space. The comfy seating area is a great place to eat and chat.

The great food fight

One important factor that influenced our decision in favour of the CaraHome was the spacious living area and the numerous practical storage options. Now we can be certain that we are equipped for every eventuality and that Nico can let off steam playing regardless of the weather. Of course, a major advantage of travelling in the motorhome is the ability to pull over at any time and serve Nico his meals at familiar times.

In the kitchen in our CaraHome, his favourite soup can be prepared quickly and served fresh. The durable cover fabrics on the seal cushions pass the mealtime endurance tests of our little rascal with flying colours. Once the well‐fed Nico has gone to sleep, Sebastian and I also take a break for a snack in the comfortable dinette.


We take the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark to Kristiansand in Norway. The unique landscape with its rounded peaks and numerous lakes is breathtakingly beautiful.

At the first stop in our holiday destination, my two men retreat into their „quarters‟: Sebastian studies his Norway guidebook in peace, while Nico makes himself comfortable in the alcove bed in the company of „Haihai‟ and „Koali‟.

Naturally, he had already had his fun with the steps leading up to the alcove bed, which he climbed up and down again and again with his typical energy and total concentration. But eventually, even our little bundle of energy has had enough and closes the curtain to his „den‟. Now I too can relax a little. The safety net at the alcove give me the peace of mind that my little bunny is safely contained.

Simply cosy

Like father, like son! Even the bunk beds are fitted with foam mattresses to ensure that occupants of all ages get a good night’s sleep.

The spacious alcove offers plenty of headroom for playing and dreaming.

Bad weather? There’s no such thing!

The typically changeable Norwegian weather awaits us in Jørpeland: A glimpse of sunshine is followed by heavy rain, and then by thick fog. This is no deterrent to Nico, who insists on going outside to play.

The extendible awning above the side door gives our son sufficient protection. When he finally stomps back into motorhome both happy and muddy, I know that our decision to go for the easy‐to‐clean laminate floor was the right one.

The fast‐acting heating system ensures that everyone is nice and cosy in just a few minutes. And thanks to the rear‐ventilated storage boxes, I don’t need to worry about Nico’s rain‐soaked clothing.


The optional awning is the perfect protection from changeable weather. It serves both as a pleasant retreat from the sun as well as protective canopy against light rain.

Well equipped for great adventures! The generous storage space under the bench seat is perfect for toys and hiking gear.

The control unit for the electrical and water supplies on board is clearly laid out and always in view.

Everything you could wish for

As soon as Nico is asleep, I sort his toys into the many drawer and boxes. However, he selected a special spot for his „Koali‟ himself: Sitting on the shelf over the dinette, he has the perfect view of everything that goes on below. From the storage room under the seats, I take out the rucksacks for our outing the next day.

While Sebastian and I pack the first items, we discuss the exact route. The living space is very well lit with adjustable halogen spots, so we can take a good look at the hiking map.

Here, everything has its place

The large refrigerator with a separate freezer compartment swallows sufficient provisions to feed every hungry mouth.

The wide drawers are fitted with soft‐close‐sliders and numerous handy dividers.


Simply cosy

With every passing day of the journey, I am more and more delighted with our well organized kitchen. It’s great that the hinges and flaps on the drawers undergo long‐term testing and are fitted with a soft‐close function – opening and closing them several times a day is one of Nico’s favourite pastimes.

While I freshen up in the deluxe shower, my two sweethearts prepare a wonderful surprise: They set the table for coffee and cake, and decorate it with a colourful bunch of flowers. A beaming Nico marches in from outside and lays another flower on the table. Full of pride, he announces: „I picked this specially for you, Mummy!‟. After a pleasant coffee break, the boys even do the washing up and clear up the dishes – in the meantime, I can simply relax and look on with delight.

Fantastic both inside and out

Set the temperature at the twist of a dial: The rotary controller for the heating system is as simple as it is effective.

Why go outside? The simple task of cleaning the fresh water and waste water tank can also be performed from inside the vehicle.

The walking bike has to come too! It is safely stored in the rear garage under the folding bunk bed, with access from the inside and outside.

Pure driving enjoyment

Crossing the bridge over the twin Latefossen waterfalls is an unforgettable experience. Due to the spray from the waterfalls, we drive through the mist and Sebastian jokes: „It’s like a free car wash!"

Having arrived in the Hardangervidda national park, we get Nico’s walking bike from the large rear garage, where it is securely tied down. In one of the many storage compartments in the rear garage, we also find our hiking shoes.

After a wonderful day in the Fjell, we look forward to the rest of our trip deeper into fjord country in our mobile home.

Norwegian food

In addition to hearty meat and fish dishes, Norway also awaits you with delicious desserts. A quick and easy dish to prepare, for example, is Rømmegrøt, a sour cream porridge that is served with cinnamon and sugar. It tastes great with flatbrød, a kind of thin crispbread.

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