Un petit morceau de la liberté!

Romanticism, muse and "joie de vivre" in France.

Mystic castles and palaces, inspiring natural landscapes and the wonderful feeling of freedom. During our first mutual journey in the new WEINSBERG caravan CaraTwo, we simply follow our nose as well travel through special regions of France.

Freedom, here we come!

Pia and I have already travelled several miles when we make our first stop for a few nights at the parking spot located directly in front of a gorgeous castle in Dijon. Both my beloved Mercedes W 123 as well as the CaraTwo caravan pulled by it have performed well throughout the trip. Just like my two vehicles, our trip should turn out to be something really special – not simply a standard, everyday event and chosen with deliberate passion for our way of life.

I knew from the get‐go that the CaraTwo by WEINSBERG would be perfect for me: a real unique vehicle amongst caravans with an incomparable price and a certain demand to modern design that reflects my character. What a great feeling to also be able to share this passion with the „beautiful girl‟ by my side.

Wonderfully individual

The high‐quality, three‐flame cooker and the robust work surface stimulate culinary ambition.

The integrated LED‐spots ensure illuminating moments.

The pleasant interior of the unique motorhome allows travel dreams to come true.


Home is where the heart is

At night, we often chill out underneath the awning of the caravan and let the day’s events leave their indelible impression on us. We are simply happy. We talk, laugh and make plans for our joint album that we want to compile once we get back home. „I am so happy that I can share this feeling of freedom with you, Christian,‟ the woman of my dreams says. She gives me a loving smile and my knees get weak.

Good vibrations

A perfect fit! Elaborate design features, such as the mirror with an integrated hook, make the CaraTwo a truly unique vehicle.

Tried‐and‐tested WEINSBERG quality in a new look creates especially sweet dreams.

Perfectly shaped

Of course, the CaraTwo is just as nice to look at from the outside. Its exterior stylishly reflects the accentuated colours of the inside – in our case, clear yellow. As a dynamic eye‐catcher, it self‐confidently shows its origins from WEINSBERG and combines them nicely with caravan‐typical attributes.

On the way to Beaugency, it smartly and confidently blends into every turn along the endless roads, each hill and every road surface. Pia and I thoroughly enjoy the swift „coasting‟ through the wonderful landscape. That is the type of independence during our holiday that we envisioned!

In harmony

Everything handy and stowed nicely in the spacious shelves with a strong and elegant roll rail.

With its stylish appearance and reduced mass, the lightweight vehicle can be pulled extremely dynamically through the streets.

Flooded with light and and very comfortable, the seating area inspires you to stop and stay for awhile.

An exciting experience

The Loire Valley, classified as a World Heritage Site, represents a multi‐faceted tradition of high‐quality sparkling wine. During tours of the wine cellars and hikes through the idyllic vineyards, you will get to know the countryside, the people and the Crémant de Loire („creamy‟ sparkling wine from the Loire Valley) in a truly unique way.


Food Design

On most days, aside from music, we also pursue our other passions – such as cooking. In the stylishly designed kitchen on board of the CaraTwo, cooking is double and triple the fun. When cleaning, cutting and browning of aromatic mushrooms harvested from the troglodyte caves – and that we purchased fresh from the local farmers’ market – we relish the wonderful view from the kitchen window. The powerful oversized refrigerator holds an incredible 107 litres so that we are always equipped with cool drinks and fresh fruit. 

The three‐flame cooker has sufficient space for a pot and frying pan, which are quickly cleaned after use in the stainless steel sink. The scratch‐resistant counter top coated with HPL can handle the bumps and bruises that occur if the cooking pot is sometimes handled „too roughly‟.


The front panel with the stylish fabric covering and optional ambient lighting is a pleasant eye‐catcher.

The exterior design gracefully adorns the colorful world of the vehicle’s interior.

Amazingly manoeuvrable

Even on the narrow roads in the many quaint towns along the Loire River, the CaraTwo’s driving dynamics are amazingly balanced. Particularly when cornering – and reflected in the low fuel consumption of our towing vehicle – you’ll really notice that the engineers at WEINSBERG have made the caravan 100 kg lighter in an operational state. The BPW chassis with a longitudinal link axle and the power steering‐supported hand brake ensure that you stay on track, while the hydraulic wheel shock absorbers offset the occasionally uneven road surface.

Thanks to the contour lights attached to the side and the reversing mechanism, even manoeuvring is easy and safe: Near Nantes we stop at the impressive Château D’Ancenis and stop our vehicle at a nearby parking area. Then we imagine how the knights and damsels of yesteryear may have celebrated their exhilarating fests. What would the present be without the past! 

Freshening up in the bathroom

Hello, wellness! Even the washroom with a shower and toilet embodies the harmonious optic. Adjacent to it, you’ll find the corner sink and numerous storage bins in the mirror cabinets.

The corner sink integrated into the living room is very practical. Its design is also worth a second look!

You’ll find space for an entire arsenal of cosmetics in the practical wall cabinet.

For real princesses

On a trip through France, the small town of Gigny is definitely worth a visit. The campsite Château de l’Épervière is situated at the edge of the wooded grounds of a 16th century castle. The castle hosts wine tasting events in its cellar throughout the year.

Accompany us on this dream routes