Over hill and dale

With the CaraLoft in the Austrian Alps

We are taking our two princesses to experience nature on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road – what an adventure! Knowing that the Caraloft and all its features will provide for all our needs makes the first trip with the granddaughters all the more enjoyable.

Full speed ahead!

Ever since the day that Nicole and I found out that we would become grandparents, we resolved to take our grandchildren on a camping trip one day. And now that the moment of departure has arrived, we are at least as excited as Lina and Sara themselves. All the things we had to promise Steffi and Anton! „Make sure that they are always dressed warmly, that they don’t eat to many sweets, and please don’t lose Sara’s stuffed cow ’Muggle’! ‟ They seem to have forgotten that we managed to bring up three children ourselves…

In no time at all, we have arrived in the mountains. While the girls are still staring in amazement at the high mountings, the Alpine pastures provide us with an amusing encounter: A small group of cows plods along the road at a leisurely pace. After deciding that overtaking is not an option, and when our animal‐loving Sara begs me to stop, I park the car.

Thanks to the large, opening double‐glazed window beside the dinette, the girls can stretch out their heads as well as „Muggle‟ the cuddly cow. Lo and behold, one of the cows actually trots over and sniffs at it for a moment. „She gave her a kiss!‟, giggle Lina and Sara with delight.

Perfectly organised

In the high‐quality kitchen with its three‐flame cooker, large stainless steel sink and refrigerator, gourmets can cook up a storm.

Attractive to look at – the kitchen back wall and worktop are made of the same surface material. The ceiling‐mounted lockers have plenty of space for this and that.

Where living comes to life! The impressive interior features a new, contemporary design – including a bar as a storage surface and a room divider to the kitchen.


A well‐deserved sleep

"Look Grandma, there are even more mountains beyond!‟. The way the girls’ eyes light up at the view from the lookout post is already one of my highlights of our trip. „And there is the house of the seven dwarfs!‟ Children can sometimes see things that remain hidden from us adults.

After so many first impressions, we are all dog‐tired. The lifting bed is quickly folded down, and the two princess retire to their empire of dreams – surrounded by a whole army of cuddly toys. Nicole and I also retire, exhausted, to our cosy double bed with its comfy cold‐foam mattress. After a couple of minutes, we have all fallen asleep.

Sleeping cave

Super practical: simply fold down the lifting bed.

Hey presto – a second, cosy sleeping area is revealed.

The large wardrobe with an intermediate shelf will fit everything that is necessary for adventures.

Hiking is the camper’s delight

Lush green meadows, babbling mountain streams, and impressive waterfalls – on our first hike in the Hohe Tauern National Park, we experience nature in all its glory.

Nicole did some research in advance to find the best hiking routes for children and planned the day accordingly. She had even prepared stories about the native animals and plants – certain details were even new to me.

On our return, the hard‐wearing flooring does what it is supposed to do before we store the mud‐covered shoes in one of the ventilated coffers. Our jackets are slightly damp from the fresh mountain air, so we hang them to dry in the bathroom and turn on the ventilation and heating.


Well prepared for the day

The large skylight and the numerous lights ensure a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

There is plenty of room for playing, fun and enjoyment in the spacious dinette with seats for six and a swivelling table.

Beds with foam mattresses and wooden slatted frames guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep and sweet dreams.


I already know that I can get a great shave in our bathroom. Today, I discover that there is even enough space here to enjoy some „technical support‟ from Lina in the process. The children are especially fascinated by the moveable washbasin. I have never seen those two brush their teeth with such enthusiasm!

The bathroom in the CaraLoft

The frosted glass window allows sufficient light into the bathroom to enable optimum use of the spacious shower, swivelling toilet, and the washbasin.

If a helping hand is required, the practical layout of the bathroom even has space for two people.

Dirty shoes can be clean again in no time at all in the spacious shower tray.

So much space

Neat freaks, pay attention: The large rear garage with integrated lashing eyes provides sufficient space to arrange things neatly.

The storage compartment above the driver’s seat also keeps things in order during the journey.

It could all be so simple… and thanks to the Easy Travel Box, it is! All the main service connections for water and electricity are combined in one location.

Alpine cuisine

Tirol is known far beyond the mountains for its wonderful bacon and the wide variety of dumplings, which are served as soup ingredients, main dishes, or as side dishes. Not to be missed: You should try a „Tiroler Gröstl‟, a hearty fry‐up made of roast meat and potatoes.