Rationality meets style

Both of our caravans are real multi‐talented vehicles

Anyone looking for a WEINSBERG caravan is spoilt for choice. Because the CaraOne UK and the CaraTwo are excellent caravans that combine and unite all of our best characteristics. They are fully equipped, processed in a high‐quality fashion and offer an unbeatable price‐performance ratio. Which one will become yours is only a matter of taste. A modern classic or an extravagant trendsetter? We believe: Whatever you choose – you’ll be making the right choice!

The WEINSBERG Caravans


Hot is the new cool! It isn’t just the excellent price‐performance ratio that leaves you all aglow in our CaraOne in the [ICE] EDITION.

The advantages of a caravan

  • More room:
    In the caravan, the entire vehicle can be used as a living space. It offers lots of room for extra luggage or a large family.

  • Low purchase price:
    Since you do not need a motor, transmission, etc., caravans are much cheaper than motorhomes or camper vans.

  • Suitable for permanent campers:
    Caravans love camping sites: They can simply be placed there and with an awning turned into a specially cosy location.
  • Travel flexibly:
    Since your own car is always with you and can be used independently from the caravan, spontaneous trips are easily possible.

  • Large choice of layouts:
    Caravans are particularly flexible: From compact vehicles for two persons to family models with bunk beds – everything and anything is possible.

  • High reserves:
    In a caravan, you can even transport bulky sports equipment or a motorcycle, because high additional loads are possible.


TREND (standard)

CaraOne UK

STYLE PLUS (standard)


Window incl. blinds
Multipoint locking
Driving rain sealing (double sealing)
Automotive locking system
2 clothes hooks, fixed