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Standard Equipment CaraOne EDITION [ICE] 740 UDF

Technical data

Total length937
Interior length (cm)746
Total width / Interior width (cm)250 / 234
Total height / Interior height (cm)257 / 196
Awning dimensions (cm)1.199
Mass of the unladen vehicle (kg)*1.760
Mass in running order (kg)*1.830
Tecnically maximum authorized laden mass (kg)*2.000
Maximum load capacity (kg)*170
Tyre size185/65R14
Rim size5 1/2 J x 14
Sleeping berthsup to 8 [1)]
Entrance door (cm): W x H door60 x 172
Bed dimensions, front (cm)216 x 157/147
Bed dimensions, centre (cm)2 x 188 x 72 , 188 x 94/124 [1)]
Bed dimensions, rear (cm)197 x 156
Hinged windows all around (model Dometic C6)[2)]10
Skylights with insect protection3
Mushroom-shaped fans1
Listprice incl. 20% VAT (GBP)£25.850,00


AL-KO chassis, 2.000kg
Stabiliser coupling
5-point wheel mounting
Steadies for stable standing


PE bars instead of spruce bars in the floor area
Isolation with XPS foam (Exception roof + front)
Isolation for gas box wall cover
Plain sheet metal on side walls
Apron in plain sheet metal
Special labeling ICE
Cabin door: WEINSBERG STYLE PLUS – two-piece, with window, incl. waste bin
Front window incl. blind
Window in washroom incl. blind
Windows with combi blinds
Awning strip front/rear above window
Awning strip on side wall left and right hand side without lighting

Living / Sleeping

Upholstery variant SZECHUAN
Seat cushions in spring core design
Spring core mattress with comfort frame in fi xed bed only (not in bunk bed!)
Storage box rear-ventilated
Shoe flap next door with shoe rack

Power supply

Ambiance light package

Gas / Water / Heating / Air conditioning

Cooker with electrical ignition
ALDE hot water heating (incl. shower equipment) incl. towel dryer in bathroom
ALDE hot water underfl oor heating
Fresh water tank, 45 ltr. with supports in ventilated seat box
Truma DuoControl CS incl. gas filter, with remote display DuoControl (Ice-ex integrated)
Water shift system frost-proof on step 3 - Lines on the heating system


Refrigerator 189 ltrs.

General additional information

– Not provided

* Please note the remarks regarding the weight specifications.

1) Bed extension for sitting area available as an option
2) 3rd bunk bed instead of bunk bed available as an option