Let´s make a journey, Bro!

Two vehicles that think outside the box!

One heart and sole: Our two Caravaning Utility Vehicle (CUV)! The CaraBus is our unique allrounder: It´s a spacious and agile vehicle with great equipment details. Our CaraTour is the „little brother‟ of CaraBus and is inspired by the philosophy: „Concentrate on the essentials‟: All you need but nothing that distractes you from your Holidays. In spite of a intelligent reduction our CaraTour also has our WEINSBERG‐genes. The WEINSBERG‐family stands for a sophisticated technology, reliable quality and a high usability!


All others build panel vans. We build CUV!

Passion, experience and a lot of attention to detail: this is how we turn a panel van into a genuine caravaning utility vehicle.

The advantage of a CUV

  • Full flexibility:
    No other leisure vehicle combines so many features and equipment in one compact construction.

  • High everyday suitability:
    Because of the compact construction a CUV is a full‐featured everyday use vehicle with a large transportation volume.

  • A price‐conscious holiday parnter:
    Because a CUV is easier to build than a comparable fitted motorhome, a camper van is cheaper to purchase.
  • Large backdoor:
    A CUV has a large backdoor, that makes loading very easy. Moreover this creates a good aeration.

  • Agile road holding:
    A CUV, that is so compact and stays so good on the street: Our CUV offers pure driving fun even on winding streets.

  • Low weight:
    A CUV offers a lof of vehicle load capacity, because of an empty weight far below the limit of 3.500 kg.