All others build panel vans

We build CUV!

Anyone who builds panel vans is no longer up to date. That is why we at WEINSBERG build CUV. Passion, experience and a lot of attention to detail: this is how we turn a panel van into a genuine caravaning utility vehicle. It combines state‐of‐the‐art body technology and full camping equipment with the practical everyday qualities of a classic van. Win‐win, let’s say. Or just: CUV!

Not everyone has the competence for building CUV. After all, this requires a sophisticated mixture of passion, experience and precision. CUV competence is visible in the smallest screw and in the largest storage space. It can be found in the full‐body furniture construction and the multi‐layer floor plate. CUV competence is not always visible. But you can feel it on every journey.

Ingeniously thought out!

The breathable fabric covering on the side walls can absorb and release moisture which significantly minimises the formation of condensation water, e. g. in winter or when cooking with closed windows in comparation to other model series. However, this is not only super practical but also looks really good.

Dinette bench

The seat cushions come with a comfort function and an increased seat depth.

Optional ActiveLine fabric covering

Breathable, antibacterial, skin‐friendly and ÖKO‐TEX certified!

152 cm lying surface in layouts with a transverse bed

The largest lying surface in the CUV range with ergonomic mattresses.

Saving space for making room

With CUV, an efficient construction is the absolute be‐all and end‐all. With details such as an even loading floor, standard lashing rings and a folding function for the slatted frame for better use in everyday life, the CUV is designed for everyday use. The result: a compact vehicle with plenty of space.

Full‐body construction with back panels

This ensures longevity and that no moisture can condense on the outer walls.

Round profiles

Specially developed to reduce the risk of injury at the edges and to create more space.

Rail system

Our ceiling cupboards have a continuous rail system for an increased torsional strength.

Full metal handles with a tilt lock

Clear contours and absolutely durable.

Heating concept

For a better heat distribution in the vehicle, the heating is centrally located under the dinette.

It‘s the technology that counts!

We strive for an optimal travel experience for our customers. That’s why we are extremely careful in selecting our partners and only use what really convinces us. The Truma‐iNet system is an example for that. The top quality speaks for itself and with the practical app, the heating and gas supply (optionally) can be easily controlled.

Truma‐iNet system

Simply regulate the heating via app from anywhere or optionally control the gas supply.

Centrally located LED control unit

Water level and electronic supply always in view.

LED lighting

Power‐saving LED lighting throughout the vehicle, some spots with touch function.

USB charging socket

A practical charging station for smartphone, camera etc.

Perfect vehicle construction

In order to pay attention to every detail when connecting the various elements, a lot of knowledge, skill and craftmanship is needed. That is CUV competence!

Sandwich construction

The multi‐layer structure and integral insulation and a total of 367% more contact surface on the body floor provide more stability and 69% more insulation on the body floor.

Hot‐air‐circulated fresh water tank

The 105 l water tank is integrated into the side wall above the wheel arch to save space and thus creates additional room in the load compartment.

Sturdy and resistant

HPL tops ensure that table top and work surface withstand just about anything.

The WEINSBERG alu rims

In exclusive WEINSBERG design.

Anthracite painted 17‟ aluminium rims

incl. tyres in exclusive WEINSBERG design (235/60R17)

Matt black front‐polished 17‟ alu rims

incl. Tyres in exclusive WEINSBERG design (235/60R17)

COZY HOME design packages

Show your colours or abstain decently – you have got the choice of decoration with COZY HOME.

Optionally available for every WEINSBERG

Package includes: 2 deco pillows, 2 sleeping pillows, 2 cuddly blankets and a table runner.







Intelligent devices, maximum comfort

Water filter system „BWT – BESTCAMP“

Handy water filters with ultrafiltration membrane which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of hygiene. Removes microorganisms from the water very effectively. The BWT bestcamp can be used to produce chemically‐free, hygienically perfect water. BWT bestcamp high‐performance filter systems for caravans from WEINSBERG are available worldwide at authorised partners. Because only the regular replacement of the filter systems every 6 months guarantees the highest water quality and a safe water supply. An 8 mm „John Guest‟ plug connection ensures particularly simple, tool‐free installation – with water supply even without a replacement filter.

Truma‐iNet system: heating and gas supply control via app *

The practical Truma iNet system including Truma app allows you to control and monitor the heating and air conditioning in your mobile home from anywhere. How much gas is still on board? The digital gas level meter lets you know on your smartphone or tablet.

VELOCATE GPS tracket: increased safety for your WEINSBERG

Velocate’s innovative GPS tracking system provides intuitive app control and silent alarm mode to help you find your motorhome and CUV in case of theft. The strong self‐sufficient mileage of up to 3 months without power connection leaves nothing to be desired.

* Components optionally available