to 3,5 tons
5 beds
8 layout plans


Pure travel pleasure without lots of frills – that’s what the CaraTour represents. It has everything that you require to help you fully enjoy your freedom on four wheels.

The weather soon puts a spoke in our wheel and we decide to change our itinerary spontaneously. No big deal, with the CaraTour we get everywhere without any problems. Additionally, even on rainy foggy days we feel more than comfortable in the bright interior with the pleasant lighting. This also applies to Ivy who prefers to keep her paws dry.

The furniture decor Mali Acacia provides an inviting look.

The contrasting anthracite grey decor is a cool eye‐catcher.

The modern, casual interior shows character.

The optional integrated head‐up display provides even more safety. All relevant data in the direct field of vision.

2 additional USB charging sockets.

Ambience lighting in the living room and bathroom.

First breakfast, than a little adventure

Cosiness is important for us, especially when eating. The comfortable dinette, the high‐quality kitchen and the spatial feeling contribute significantly to the feel‐good factor. We can start the day strengthened.

The upholstery of the dinette bench is slim and comfortable. The rotating original Fiat captainchair seats with armrests are available in the Fiat package.

The kitchen unit with a divided glass cover offers plenty of space for cooking.

Energy‐efficient 95 l refrigerator with a 12.8 l freezer compartment.

Drawers with a standard cutlery tray and practical dividers.

Spacious ceiling cupboard with softclose function.

With the standard electric ignition, the hot meal will soon be on the table.

The glass cover above the stove makes the work surface and kitchen area bigger.

Amazes both human and dog

As you make your bed, you must lie on it. In our cosy „bedroom‟ we like to stay in bed a little longer. There is more than enough space on the giant mattress to stretch out properly. Even with Ivy, who like every little dog has the special ability to make herself as wide and long as possible in our bed.

The WEINSBERG‐CUV offer the largest lying surface in their class.

You can comfortably retreat and relax in the rear bed. That’s what the cocoon effect does!

Natural beauty with brains

While I treat myself to an extensive shower, Denise uses the darkened bathroom window from the outside as a mirror for braiding her hair. My sweetheart is not only beautiful, but also quite clever.

There is a rotating cassette toilet with electric pump and a stylish shower tray with slip protection in sand dune haptics.

Beautifully shaped. The window roller blind disappears behind the trim when it’s not needed.

There’s unlimited storage space hidden behind the straight storage compartments.

A clever detail: easily accessible foldable compartment for toilet paper.

Compartments integrated into the wall create a modern design.

Easy to clean and with rouded edges: the room‐wide washbasin.

Splashy. The tap can also be used as an outside shower via the optionally available window.


with well thought‐out details.

Kitchen unit

Rounded edges for the X factor.

The largest lying surface in its class

The width of 152cm offers enough space to feel good. Only in the layouts 600 MQ / MQH / DQ.

Softclose function

For a high comfort in all ceiling cupboards.

Furniture decor Effect Elm

Classic fresh look in the CaraBus.

Tempered platform

Provides ambient lighting and warm feet.

Adjustable seat position

Whether travel or sitting position, comfort is not a problem.

105 l fresh water tank

Slim construction directly above the wheelhouse leaving additional storage space.

TV package 21‟

With a complete antenna system by Oyster for exciting TV evenings.

Cocoon effect

Fabric covering on the side walls.

Comfort‐Entry table

Free access without a disturbing column.

Integrative head‐up display

All information in the field of vision so that your eyes remain on the road.

Furniture decor Mali Acacia

Modern casual style in the CaraTour.

ComfortSpa bathroom

The magnetic shower curtain is really practical.

Large rear volume

The rear has a loading volume of 935 litres. This leaves enough room for all your luggage. Only in the layouts 600 MQ / DQ.

Charging booster

Faster and more efficient charging of the body battery when the engine is running.





Available at extra cost.


Available at extra cost.