CaraBus 600 K

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Optional Equipment CaraBus 600 K

Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Equipmentkg540 MQ600 MQ600 K600 ME600 DQ600 MQH630 ME
Motorization optional
2,3 l Multijet 130 PS/96 kW-£1.040,00
2,3 l Multijet 150 PS/110 kW (not 600 DQ)-£2.750,00
2,3 l Multijet 150 PS/110 kW (only 600 DQ)-£1.710,00
2,3 l Multijet 180 PS/130 kW (not 600 DQ)-£5.020,00
2,3 l Multijet 180 PS/130 kW (only 600 DQ)-£3.980,00
Chassis/Weight optional
Chassis FIAT DUCATO Basis 3.500 Light instead of 3.300 kg Light-£620,00
Chassis FIAT DUCATO Basis 3.500 Maxi instead of 3.300 kg Light-£1.040,00
Chassis FIAT DUCATO Basis 3.500 Maxi instead of 3.500 kg Light-£410,00
Passenger airbag2Standard
Aluminium rims with original tyre-£593,00
MTPLM upgrade from 3.5 t to 3.85 t, with additional double-circuit air spring15£1.162,00 [3)] [4)] [4)] [4)] [4)] [3)] [3)]
Fixed trailer coupling incl. electronic installation18£834,00
Fixed trailer coupling, removeable ball head18£900,00
Exterior mirror electrically adjustable and heatable-Standard
Automatic transmission – not available on 2,0 Multjet 11517£1.932,00
External rearview mirror electrically foldable1£170,00
Fiat alarm system incl. 2. key with remote1£269,00
120 l diesel tank (plus 30 l compared to standard tank)2£158,00
Automatic parking assistant1£269,00
Traction aid, "Traction Plus"3£89,00
Driver's and passenger seat with double armrests and headrests1£174,00
Swivel seats in driver's cab-£198,00
Passenger‘s seat adjustable for height-Standard
Seat box panel0,5£44,00
Seat heating for driver`s and passanger seat-£540,00
Dashboard in Lounge-Design1£143,00
Dashboard in Techno-Design1£108,00
Combination instrument with chrome rings-£35,00
Manual air-conditioning in the driver's cab18Standard
Automatic air-conditioning system for driver's cab21£1.744,00
Automatic air-conditioning system for driver's cab, price difference compared to manual air-conditioning system for driver's cab (in Fiat package package)21£411,00
Leather steering wheel with leather gear lever knob-£179,00
Steering wheel with radio operating panel-£85,00
Fog lamps1£170,00
Mud flaps, front1£53,00
Mud flaps, rear1£80,00
Bumper painted-£228,00
Daytime running lights LED-£294,00
Cruise control0,8Standard
Fiat higher-power generator (200 A)1£170,00
Webasto auxiliary heating (Fiat)5£1.115,00
Metallic/Special paint options: Silver (aluminum gray), Fer gray, Profondo red, Golden white, Lago blue, black, Campovolo grey1£536,00
other painting options free of charge (not metallic): Tiziano Red, Imperial Blue, Line Blue-
Tyre pressure sensors-£198,00
Rain and light sensors-£293,00
GSM/GPS Geolocation system (hardware)1£315,00
Lane-departure warning with auto-dimming function and sign recognition-£413,00
Steel rims 16" instead of 15" - only possible for 3,5 to light-£165,00
Reading spots driver's / passenger side-£89,00
Windows / Doors / Ventilation
Hook out window toilet room incl. cassette combi blind-£215,00
Hook-out window beneath transversal bed, left side or right side (540 MQ only left side possible)-£272,00
Electrical entry step, 70 cm wide8£486,00
Driver‘s cabin black-out folding system for front and side window insulation4£603,00
Insulation mat in driver’s cab2£116,00
Floor mat set in the driver’s cab1£61,00
Flyscreen door2£373,00
Combi blind (Remifl air) on rear leaf door2£121,00
Seitz-S7P-frame windows instead of standard windows-£648,00
Third roof hatch (400 x 400 in vehicle center)-£143,00
Panorama roof and hook out window rear in high roof-£719,00
Midi Heki front and rear instad of roof hatch-£719,00
High roof in car color Campovolo grey-£250,00
High roof painted in car color (all colors except black!)-£3.413,00
Living / Sleeping
Additional sleeping berth "cot" lateral (inkl. turnable table)6£220,00
Bed enlargement-£139,00
Fixed bed with EVOPORE HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL pad (not possible with lifting beds)-£347,00
Table turnable (without "cot")2£143,00
Isofi x-Set standard seat bench for 1 child seat5£179,00
Pull-out bench seat - only possible with 552247 Isofi x standard seat bench - useable for 2 child seats3£139,00
Single seats in living area incl. armrests (super bench seat) incl. Iso-Fix (not compatible with Option 552046 on CaraBus 540 MQ and 600 ME)12£1.342,00
Additional wardrobe underneath rear bed (also usable as dog box)-£161,00
Upholstery / Textiles
Upholstery: Active Rock or Szechuan-£287,00
COZY-HOME package includes: 2 decorative cushions, 2 sleeping pillows, 2 blankets, 1 table runner3£161,00
Gas / Water / Heating / Air conditioning
Truma MonoControl CS (incl. gas filter)-£247,00
Truma DuoControl CS (incl. gas filter)-£296,00
Diesel heating Truma Combi 6 D2£830,00
Truma Combi 6 D + E heating system2,5£1.665,00
Heating Truma Combi 6 instead of Truma Combi 42£277,00
E-Version Truma Combi gas heating (not possible in combination with option 251231-£593,00
CP-Plus-control unit-£85,00
Truma iNet system (only possible with option 352059)-£518,00
Truma LevelControl (for 1 steel gas bottle, only possible with option 352380)-£139,00
Electric fl oor heating-£540,00
Dometic air conditioning Freshjet 17001£1.948,00
Wastewater tank isolated and heated), incl. discharge pipe-£291,00
Kitchen / Sanitary
Compressor refrigerator 150 Ltr. with 30l froster compartement8£612,00
Kitchen multifunctional shelf-£64,00
Leather covering on kitchen block-£135,00
Matching multifunctional bag in WEINSBERG design as an extension to the front-mounted kitchenette-£63,00
Power Supply
Battery switch-£59,00
Auxiliary AGM on-board battery20£342,00
Gas alarm-£101,00
Smoke alarm-£25,00
GSM/GPS Geolocation system (hardware)-£315,00
Cable laying for solar and sat systems1£80,00
Radio cabling Fiat passenger cell incl. additional speakers living area-£212,00
Radio DAB+, All-in-One navigations system with camping software, without CD/DVD-drive, antenna, 3 years map update1£1.305,00
Antennenkomplettsystem Oyster 60 Premium Twin inkl. LED-TV 24"-£3.107,00
Antennenkomplettsystem Oyster 60 Premium Twin inkl. LED-TV 21,5"-£3.051,00
24" TV unit with HD tuner incl. TV holder (living area)-£834,00
21,5" TV unit with HD tuner incl. TV holder (bed area)-£796,00
Pre-cabling for TV (bed area)-£64,00
TV holder (TV 1 - bed area)-£284,00
TV bracket – swivel-mounted1£154,00
Additional TV holder - swivel-mounted (TV 2 - bed area)-£154,00
Bike rack mounted at the rear, for 2 bikes – max. load capacity 35 kg6£467,00
325 cm – awning24£878,00
350 cm – awning26£878,00
370 cm – awning28£878,00
400 cm – awning30£878,00
Registration papers
Registration papers-

General additional information

3) Improved driving comfort
4) Improved driving comfort – with optional max. load increase to 3,500 kg