to 3,5 tons
5 beds
8 layout plans


Promising a great deal means delivering a great deal. Therefore, we are showing you here how we actually implemented our commitment to useful space.

And on we go with our journey. But before that we have to stow our stuff as well – and that’s a lot! We have even brought camping tables and chairs. What we particularly like about the CaraBus is the bright and friendly furniture decor and the nice details.

The furniture decor Effect Elm skilfully runs through the interior.

The silver contrast decor sets fresh highlights.

The classically fresh interior becomes the recognition feature.

If necessary, the element inside the cupboard can be removed and makes room for the up to 24‟ LED TV (from the optional TV package).

Practical wall bracket.

Easy to handle – the touch LED spots provide pleasant light.

The CP‐Plus control unit combines the entire interior control system, from air conditioning to hot water.

High‐quality combination blinds provide visual cover and insect protection.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Our homemade pasta is a hit. Compared to the hob at home, the water boils within a few minutes thanks to automatic ignition and gas stove in the CaraBus. The seating group with the foldable table is really super practical and spacious.

Compact design and beautiful lines in the style package and a cutlery tray in series – the cooking area in the CaraBus leaves nothing to be desired.

Turn around the original Fiat captainchair seats and enjoy your meal together (optionally available).

Cooking with style – with a leather trim on the outside of the kitchen block.

LED spots – some with touch function – create a pleasant ambience.

Harmonious furniture design with rounded edges and soft lines.

Heating outlets under the illuminated platform.

Sleeping amongst reeds

As we usually stay up late, our nights in the CaraBus are rather short but very pleasant. The transverse bed of the CaraBus 600 MQ is a perfect fit for us two. Christoph is not quite small but has enough space despite his 1.85 m. Our CaraBus is definitely a perfect retreat amid of a wonderful natural landscape!

Beautiful surfaces, wood and breathable fabrics on the side walls for unsurpassed comfort. That’s called the cocoon effect!

600 MQH: not only the view is quite impressive: have a stylish rest in the Easy‐Slide bed with high‐quality fabric and wood panelling.

Standard: pleasant living ambience thanks to high‐quality LED lighting.

Well thought‐out equipment details as well as the large panoramic window complete the outcome.

Quickly freshen up in between

Fortunately the bathroom in the CaraBus is well illuminated and the storage compartments have my beauty essentials handy.

The bathroom combines straightforward style with sophisticated functions such as wall storage compartments or additional storage space under the washbasin.

Practically foldable table above the storage compartment.

Compartments integrated into the wall are an eye‐catcher and offer practical storage space.

The LED rail as an optical and functional highlight is optionally available in the voltage package.

The low shower tray entrance brings high comfort and more safety into the wet area.

Smart function: a magnetic shower curtain for increased mobility in the bathroom.





Available at extra cost.


Available at extra cost.