to 3,5 tons
5 beds
8 layout plans

Thinking inside the box

From narrow city streets to broad seafront promenades: Your CaraBus will transport you with ease to wherever your holiday adventure takes you. And it provides more space that you could imagine from its compact design.

Its secret? The roof structure creates additional space high up that is ideally suitable for extra cabinets and another bed. This ensures that the CaraBus is both agile and spacious, even if you have three friends on board.

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CaraBus variants

CaraBus 540 MQ
CaraBus 600 MQ
CaraBus 600 K


It’s our first time being on the road with a motorhome, so we are quite excited and full of anticipation. Our eight‐day road trip takes us from Freyung via Cologne to Sylt. The CaraBus is perfect for this as you can actually drive as fast as with a car which is an absolute advantage with a distance of 1,300 km – and a co‐driver who wants to reach the destination as quickly as possible.

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