Always on the move!

Hardly no other brand as WEINSBERG combines tradition with progress – and an exciting history with impressive continuity. Today WEINSBERG finally returned to where the journey begun 50 years ago in a modified Fiat 238: In the hearts of many enthusiastic camping fans.


Gustav Alt and Wilhelm Schuhmacher established the Karosseriewerke WEINSBERG in Baden‐Würtemberg in WEINSBERG and startet the production.



The Company was sold to Fiat after fast growth and the cooperation with big automotive manufactures like BMW, Daimler Benz or Opel. After that the legendary Fiat 500 Toppolino was produced in Weinsberg.



The first WEINSBERG‐Camper sees the light of the big holiday‐world. Based on a Fiat 328 a new Van was produced, which changed the brand´s profile and the travel habits of many German.



Fiat decided to stop the passenger car production in Germany. The Karosseriewerke Weinsberg moved over to a german trust company. The course was set: „Weinsberg‐ mobile with profile‟ is established with several models on the international camping market.



Weinsbergs strenthens the model strategy with the at that time brand new Fiat Ducato. The Alcove Meteor, the partially integrated Imperiale and the camping bus Cosmos shape the ambitious camping landscape.



The caravan section of Karosseriewerke Weinsberg passes over to Tabbert industry AG in Mottgers. There the model range is switched over and the Cosmos was stopped. The luxurious Komet takes over his place in camping heaven.



After the fusion of KNAUS and TABBERT, not only the owner of WEINSBERG changed: As an offroad specialist the brand gets a new unique coat – and with the spectacular 4wheel‐drive‐Alkoven LEV a impressive figurehead, too.



In the new reconstituted Knaus Tabbert GmbH the brand WEINSBERG is realigned again: with a excellent price performance ration and an uncomplicated handling.



WEINSBERG is finally back on the road to success with a new face and a versatile model range.