to 3,5 tons
6 beds
4 layout plans


More room for a true holiday upgrade! In the CaraSuite, you’ll enjoy the spacious freedom with a full 15 cm of extra standing height and a lifting bed that is comfortable at night and unobtrusive during the day. Only the room service is missing…

Peter and I would love to do some gymnastics on our lifting bed, but unfortunately the thing is sometimes stowed under the roof during the day. Why actually? Our CaraSuite is even with a lowered lifting bed high enough that Dad doesn’t bump his head in the middle. At least he could allow us a few pull‐ups on the window pole…

The CaraSuite offers a real feel‐good ambience thanks to the great headroom, the generous dinette and the high‐quality contours.

High‐quality processed panel under the lifting bed.

The lifiting bed has integrated LED spots.

The spacious ceiling cupboards offer plenty of storage space.

Our own room

Even if I’d never admit it, sometimes my little brother’s really okay. Watching series together works well in our double bed on top. And mum and dad leave us alone – the open bathroom door closes the corridor, and our family now has two separate rooms. So we can secretly play games later…

The practical lowerable lifting bed provides additional sleeping places.

Super practical: Simply fold down the lifting bed to create a second, comfortable lying surface.

Safety net as fall out protection in the rear bed.

Touch LED spots.

Finally everything important on

In the CaraSuite I was allowed to take all the toys with me without being told „There’s no more space for that in your suitcase!“ which is great. My Lego Boost robot can drive the complete lenght of the bed and there are no annoying gaps where it gets stuck. Even Peter is allowed to drive his racing car in between but only if he doesn’t disturb my robot.

700 ME: two generous single beds which can be combined to form a double bed by means of the roller bed function. The EvoPore HRC mattresses in series are on board as standard.

Storage space with sliding door in 700 ME.

Ceiling cupboard with high‐quality hinges.

Transverse double bed in the 650 MG.

French Bed with additional storage space in the 650 MF.

Queen‐sized bed in the 700 MX.

Don’t look so stupid, help me instead!

Honestly, why is my little brother just standing around instead of doing something? Our kitchen is big enough for two! Hanging at the counter and doing nothing… Open the refrigerator, take out pots, slice vegetables, put up noodles – come on, do something! Daddy stands behind me in our „Piazza“ (that’s what he calls the place between the kitchen and the dinette) and watches the whole thing.

The unique kitchen concept offers much more space for cooking and working.

The optional Fiat captainchair seats turn the dinette into a comfortable place.

Practical: 3‐flame cooker and stainless steel sink in the kitchen.

The beautifully designed ceiling cupboard with its various storage options is a highlight of the compact kitchen.

The 145 L refrigerator completes the range of storage space.

Fooling around: ok, wetting me: nope

Everything’s wet! That’s what I get for sharing the bathroom with my brother. Next time I’ll brush my teeth in the shower because there I can close the door. In the bathroom are many compartments and you can reach everything easily – so I’ll grab my things and off I go…

Shower and toilet with washbasin are separated from each other so that the areas can be used by two people at the same time.

The cover for the shower tray creates additional living space.

Comfortable entrance thanks to the low shower tray entrance.

The bathroom in the CaraSuite offers a practical mirror cabinet and many storage compartments.

A combined bathroom can be found in the 650 MF layout. The Dometic ceramic cassette toilet with electric pump is standard in every model.

Practical wall and ceiling mounts for the shower head are standard on board.


with well thought‐out details.


The indirect lighting on the cupboards creates a warm ambience.

Lifting bed as standard.

Simply fold it down and now additional sleeping places are created.

Safety net for the lifting bed.

Ensures safety, even for the very young.

Leather storage compartment.

Easily accessible storage space in a cool leather look.

TV package 21.5“.

With HD tuner and holder in the sleeping area to relax and unwind. Optionally also available with 24“.

Unique room division.

Leads to sufficient space for the whole family.







Available at extra cost