to 3,5 tons
4 beds
4 layout plans

Plenty of space when you are on the road

It is very simple: If you need plenty of space – but still want to explore the world. If you are planning long‐distance journeys – and want to travel in comfort. If you want to go camping – away from the crowds. Then you need the CaraLoft.

Why? Because we have thought of everything down to the smallest detail. Because it is manoeuvrable, and will never let you down. Because it will make all your camping dreams come true, and you will feel at home in it anywhere in the world. Because CaraLoft is simply the motorhome for you!

Discover the CaraLoft

Overview of CaraLoft layout plans


"The large window in the new‐design T‐hood lets in ample light."

CaraLoft Highlights

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