Two ladys on an adventure trip

Taking the CaraOne to Tuscany.

Nature. Culture. Sightseeing, or simply taking the opportunity to enjoy wonderful shopping and „la dolce vita‟ – on our tour of Tuscany, we savour every moment. Because we can do everything, but are not forced to do anything. Two girlfriends take a break from their everyday routine and set off on a joint adventure. An adventure they have dreamt of for 20 years.

We are on our way…

There comes at time when one simply has to escape. From the everyday routine, from the office, from the familiar, in order to discover something new. This is precisely the step that Sonja and I have taken, and in so doing, we are acting on a plan that we hatched almost 20 years ago as students on an Italian course.

An adventure in Tuscany. Everything was so different back then. We lived in the moment, pondered things much less, and lived in each others’ pockets most of the time. Which is exactly what we are doing now. After her divorce, this kind of trip with a female friend is just what Sonja needs. And because we want a change, we are travelling in the CaraOne. It is modern, stylish, flexible and yet ever so comfortable – just like us.

Art and culture in Tuscany

Etruscans & Romans
Populonia, Sovana, Florence, Volterra, Arezzo, Cortona

Romantic Tuscany
Pisa, Florence, Lucca

Gothic Tuscany
Siena, Florence, San Gimignano

Perfect for ladies

Perfect for two people on an adventure – the spacious solution makes the CaraOne particularly attractive.

The cosy horseshoe seating arrangement provides space for long evenings and delicious meals.

High‐quality materials make the interior durable and comfortable.

Our journey takes over rolling hills, past picturesque cypress groves – the kind of views you only see in films.


The aerodynamic shape of the CaraOne is a dream – we glide effortlessly along even the windiest of roads. Fortunately, our travel caravan is not too wide and allows us to negotiate all the narrow streets with ease. Thanks to the lateral clearance lights, it can also be manoeuvred safely in the city. After that, simply nothing can go wrong!

We decided to begin our journey by visiting the world‐famous landmark of Tuscany, the leaning tower of Pisa. Amidst the numerous Asian tour groups, we really stand out: two old friends behaving like children and taking selfies with the leaning structure in the background.

Feeling comfortable in the CaraOne

Present yourself in the best possible light – with the adjustable LEDspotlights with an integrated switch.

The rear‐ventilated ceiling‐mounted lockers provide plenty of storage space for clothing and other items.

Keep everything in view when cooking, with the handy rotating LED light strip in the kitchen area.

On the catwalk

With our CaraOne, we drive through Monticchiello to the Val d´Orcia, feeling as if we are in an advertisement for Tuscany.

It doesn’t get more authentic than this. And when we arrive in Siena, we find ourselves in the midst of an idyllic guidebook setting. As beautiful as this city is, it’s many hills and the old cobbled streets make it quite a challenge to explore. Especially in footwear not really designed for hiking.

In the middle of our sightseeing, we can no longer resist the temptation and head straight for the next shoe shop.

Feeling comfortable, in the CaraOne

Plenty of storage space for fashionable purchases thanks to the shelf and large storage units.

Lots of hanging space here! A large wardrobe and practical coat hooks in the entrance area!

The modern furniture surfaces and high‐quality handles are real eye‐catchers.

The personal triumphs

A total of 463 steps lead to the top of the Campanile, the famous bell tower at the cathedral in Florence. Sonja and I struggled up every one of them all the way to the top. And we did so despite the fact that my dear friend had other plans.

"Andrea, why don’t we just have an ice cream in this little café down there?‟,  came the first plea half way up, or „Let’s drive back to the camping site; a little siesta just now in our CaraOne would be a much better idea‟,  clearly out of breath several steps higher. Nevertheless, the two of us finally made it.

Sweet dreams

In the same way that we have managed so many things together. And we did so despite devoting the entire morning to the art in the Uffizi Gallery. As a result, we fell into bed that night exhausted.

We could even have put both individual beds together with a pull‐out slatted frame to make a large double bed, but decided to give each other a little privacy.

Feeling comfortable, in the CaraOne

Two comfortable single beds guarantee restful nights.

With the help of a pull‐out slatted frame, a spacious double bed can be conjured up in seconds.

Under the slatted frame, there is additional storage space for luggage or shopping.

You simply have to try the Tuscan speciality of ribollita!

Originally created as a poor man’s dish, the vegetable stew is now also served in gourmet restaurants. Or you can prepare it yourself in the CaraOne. Some Tuscan focaccia flatbread, with a generous topping of tomatoes, olives, and cheese, is the perfect accompaniment. It doesn’t always have to be just pizza and ice cream!

Accompany us on this dream routes