CaraTwo 450 FU

Panorama and Layout
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Optional Equipment CaraTwo 450 FU

Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Equipmentkg390 QD400 LK450 FU500 QDK
Weight increase [*]
1.100 up to 1.200/1.350 kg (1.350 kg chassis)-
1.200 up to 1.350 kg (1.350 kg chassis)-
1.200 up to 1.400/1.500 kg (1.500 kg chassis)15
1.350 up to 1.400/1.500 kg (1.500 kg chassis)15
1.350 up to 1.600/1.700 kg (1.700 kg chassis)25
Alloy wheels for single-axle models-
AL-KO anti-skid system: Trailer Control-ATC4
AL-KO heavy load supports6,4
AL-KO heavy load supports, incl. Big Foot6,9
Stabiliser coupling2,5
Drawbar covering (not possible in combination with option 102232)4
Support wheel with integrated damper-
Spare wheel (steel) incl. car jack21
Spare wheel holder in the gas bottle locker1
Breakdown kit1
Windows / Doors / Ventilation
Hinged window in the front-
Hinged window toiletroom incl. Cassett combi blind-
Combination blinds for windows1
Midi-Heki 70 x 50 cm2
Flyscreen blind, full length of the door4
Garage door on the left side of the rear (for bike garage)-
Garage door beside the bunk bed (not possible in combination with 3rd bunk bed, or with seating group in the rear)1
Service hatch lockable-
Service hatch suitable for baby carriage/buggy (cut out: 730 x 530 mm) - only possible with 552300-
Living / Sleeping
3rd bunk bed [3)]-
Multifunctional 3rd bunk bed (bench, storage, bike garage)-
Seating Group with ceiling cupboard instead of bunk bed in the rear-
Transversal bed instead of seating group in the front-
Fall-protection – depending on layout for lateral or F bed-
Elevated bed (baby changing table option)/window child lock-
Wall and ceiling coverage of bed area (with child-friendly motifs)-
Luggage rack (2 pcs) for bunk beds-
Move-out/extension for bed conversion including compensation upholstery-
Seating group with folding bed instead of bunk bed in the rear-
Ceiling cabinets instead of tray in the rear, left or right hand side2
Ceiling cabinets instead of tray in the front, left or right hand side2
Upholstery / Textiles
COZY HOME package includes: 2 decorative cushions, 2 sleeping pillows, 2 blankets, 1 table runner-
Power supply
12 V mobile system comprising: Gel battery, automatic charger, master switch and level indicator for fresh water29
Gas / Water / Heating / Air conditioning
Waste water tank 25 litre, mobile, in gas box3,3
Fresh water tank permanent mount, 45 ltr.5
Mono Contol CS vertical (on 1 gas bottle)1
Duo Control CS vertical (on 2 gas bottles)1
Electric floor heating, til body length 550-
Hot water supply Truma with connection for kitchen/toiletroom5
Truma Ultraheat – only in combination with opt. 551054 12 V air circulation system2
Recirculation air system (12V)4
Air conditioning Freshjet 220030
Exterior gas socket0,5
Kitchen and sanitary area
Shower extension for standard bathroom (shower rail, shower curtain and rail) – only available in combination with Smart package + hot water supply Truma (Opt. 450083)2
4 additional garment hooks in washroom-
Kitchen / Sanitary
Awning 305 cm x 250 cm23
Awning 355cm x 250cm26
Awning 455cm x 250cm33
Bicycle rack “Thule Carava Superb”, 2 bicycles, towbar (excludes option 100570)5
Registration papers-

General additional information

3) 3rd bunk bed optionally available / bed dimensions: 400 LK: 2 x 204 x 77 cm; 1 x 184 x 75 cm
5) Seating group and folding bead additional in the rear on the right side, bed dimensions below: 187 x 68, folding bed: 190 x 60