up to 7,23 m
7 beds
4 layout plans


You are looking for a stylish caravan whose appearance perfectly suits your lifestyle? Welcome to the CaraTwo! It combines cool design with high functionality into a real 2‐in‐1 caravan.

In the casual dinette we look through the first pictures while having fat donuts instead of protein shakes. Crumbs and greasy fingers on the laptop are strictly forbidden but if they land on the well‐designed seats, I can stay relaxed. Only because of easy‐care, durable fabric covers and so on.

Space for up to four people in the generous dinette of the 500 QDK, for example in the colour concept ICE WATER.

The U‐shaped seating group offers a lot of space for cosiness while the ceiling cupboards above provide storage possibilities.

No style without quality. The upholstery fabrics are high‐quality and durable.

Cooking course for caffeine junkies: Getting coffee once.

The kitchen has style. The kitchen has room. In the kitchen you can surely cook as hell. We are of course cooking. But only one thing. Coffee. Without my coffee machine I wouldn’t have driven 10 meters. Because one thing is not possible: a shooting without caffeine.

Stylish cooking in a delightfully compact kitchen block with efficient LED lighting. A modern kitchen canopy is a must for any styler.

Three arguments for the kitchen: 3‐flame cooker, soft close drawer and plenty of storage space.

Unique contours, high‐quality hinges and the slim design round off the look.

Don’t broaden so much.

We don’t sleep a lot as the morning light mood is not to be missed. The giant bed in the rear has other qualities anyway. As a meeting room, for example, it is great. Who only wants to sit when creating the next ideas together?

French bed and CURRY YELLOW look in the 450 FU.

The wall panel is particularly well accentuated by the lighting.

Easy. Fold up the slatted frame and use the storage space underneath.

500 QDK – bunk bed with 2 bunks.

Transverse double bed in 500 QDK layout.

Practical: the dinette becomes an additional sleeping place.

Comfortable. The U‐shaped seating group becomes a double bed.

That’s what knocks out the strongest man.

Before the sports cannon mutates into a stink bomb, I’d rather discreetly draw his attention to the wonderful bathroom. That’s where he was going anyway, he says. I just believe him and hope he will be ready soon so that I can also get rid of the smell of hard work.

Fair enough. In the 450 FU, the bathroom with shower and toilet is separated from the corner sink with wooden washbasin.

Optionally available shower extension.

As standard: Dometic ceramic cassette toilet

The 390 QD shows true greatness regarding the storage options.

Compact and complete. When freshening up in the 500 QDK you have everything you need.


with well thought‐out details.

LED lighting.

Efficient LED lighting, integrated in the modern kitchen canopy.


Everything ready to hand in the generous shelves with a stable, elegant fiddle.

Mirror with a hook.

Well‐rounded! Sophisticated design features such as the mirror with an included hook make the CaraTwo unique.

Flooded with light.

Comfortable due to the pleasant lighting.


The decorative and sleeping cushions serve only one purpose. To switch off and relax.