up to 7,59 m
7 beds
11 layout plans


Harmonious, compact and comfortable – that’s the interior of the CaraOne. New upholstery variants, modern furniture design and many practical details ensure a feel‐good atmosphere and maximum usability. At the same time we have further improved the quality of workmanship and equipment. So you can enjoy your holiday in your CaraOne even more!

Our „living room“ has something to offer. Everyone has room, the upholstery fabrics are of extremely high quality and in the evening it’s quickly tidied up again. In the dinette, the girls feel visibly comfortable and are constantly kidding around. Monika and I don’t just welcome this, but also join in right away.

The U‐shaped seating group in the 450 FU is not only a visual eye‐catcher – it also offers enough space for the whole family and can be converted into a double bed in no time at all.

The U‐shaped seating group in the 450 FU is not only a visual eye‐catcher – it also offers enough space for the whole family and can be converted into a double bed in no time at all.

High‐quality and durable upholstery fabrics.

Chic and handy storage compartments.

For my love only the best. Indoor as well as outdoor.

In the large CaraOne kitchen we can cook up almost like at home which we enjoy very much. Of course, barbecuing is a must. We prepare chops, sausages, potatoes and salad inside, then it’s time to start the fire outside.

480 QDK: The homogeneous furniture transitions create a strong design language. In combination with the WEINSBERG‐exclusive furniture handle, a high‐quality ambience is created.

Elegant stainless steel sink.

High‐quality 3‐flame cooker.

The kitchen convinces with numerous well thoughtout details, e.g. drawers with soft close function.

Refrigerator: Available as standard with 106 l, 133 l (incl. AES) or 177 l (incl. AES), depending on the layout.

Space and design: Ceiling cupboard with plenty of storage space and a modern design.

Each to their own. Every layout has its own kitchen.

Above and below: simply cosy

Livia is taking up her bed linen on the upper bunk bed. Meanwhile, Marlene bounces around on the lower bed. Livia looks down and laughs „Take a rest at least on holiday!“ Immediately the little one climbes up and the giggling starts again. its own kitchen.

540 EUH: Comfortable single beds with best sleeping comfort thanks to EvoPore HRC mattresses in series.

With an interior height of 2.09 m, all layouts with lifting bed offer an additional 13 cm standing height!

Comfortable double bed in the 480 QDK.

Room for the whole family: The bunk bed in the 480 QDK is optionally also available with 3 bunks.

French bed in the 450 FU.

There is storage space under the bed.

Pure bathroom luxus. Freshen up like a star.

A fine dinner in a chic restaurant belongs to the family tradition. In the spacious bathroom my graces and I have everything we need to freshen up accordingly.

Spacious, modern bathroom with many storage compartments in the 480 QDK.

Functional and well thought‐out – our bathroom concept.

Plenty of freedom of movement and plenty of storage space in the 390 QD.

Bathroom and washbasin are spatially separated in the 450 FU and 500 FDK.

Bathroom in the 450 FU / 500 FDK.

Practical shower curtain that does not stick to the body thanks to intelligent technology.

Dometic ceramic cassette toilet.

Washbasin in rectangular design.


with well thought‐out details.

Refrigerator with AES function.

This function always chooses the perfect power source for the refrigerator.

New ambient lighting.

Thanks to LED, the living room shines in a bright light.

Completely modern interior design.

For incomparable living comfort from the front to the rear.

Standard lifting bed.

For the first time, the 390 PUH and 540 EUH layouts feature a lifting bed.

EvoPoreHRC mattresses.

For optimum sleeping comfort.

13 cm more interior height.

Even tall people can easily stand in the CaraOne. (390 PUH / 540 EUH)