CaraOne 550 QDK

Panorama and Layout

Optional Equipment CaraOne 550 QDK

Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Equipmentkg390 QD400 LK420 QD450 FU480 EU480 QDK500 FDK500 XU550 QDK740 UDF
Weight increase [*]
1.100 up to 1.200/1.350 kg-
1.100 up to 1.200/1.350 kg-
1.200 up to 1.400/1.500 kg15
1.200 up to 1.400/1.500 kg15
1.350 up to 1.600/1.700 kg25
1.500 up to 1.600/1.700 kg25
1.900 up to 2.000 kg-
Alloy wheels for single-axle models up to 1350 kg-
Alloy wheels for single-axle-models as from 1400 kg-
Alloy wheels for tandem axle-models-
BPW anti-skid system: Intelligent Drive Control - iDC4
BPW „Stabilform“ heavy load supports, long6,4
BPW „Stabilform“ heavy load supports, long, incl. XL-Foot6,9
Stabiliser coupling2,5
Drawbar covering4
Spare wheel (Steel) incl. car jack21
Spare wheel alloy wheel-
Spare wheel holder in the gas bottle locker1
Breakdown kit1
Windows, doors, ventilation
Hinged window in the front-
Midi-Heki 70 x 50 cm2
Flyscreen blind, full length of the door4
Living room
3rd bunk bed [3)]-
Move-out/extension for bed conversion including compensation upholstery-
Combination blinds for windows1
Ceiling cabinets instead of tray in the rear, left or right hand side2
Ceiling cabinets instead of tray in the front, left or right hand side2
Seating Group with ceiling cupboard instead of bunk bed in the rear-
Transversal bed instead of seating group in the front4
Seating group with folding bed instead of bunk bed in the rear-
Deco package:Table runner, 2 woolen blankets, 2 pillows1
Cloth bag (not with "hinged window in the front (101850) available)-
Electric floor heating, til body length 550-
Electric floor heating, starting from body length 580-
Garage door beside the bunk bed (not possible in combination with 3rd bunk bed)1
Extendable slatted frame for single beds [4)]-
Service hatch lockable-
12 V mobile system comprising: Gel battery, automatic charger, master switch and level indicator for fresh water28,6
Gas, heating, water
Waste water tank 25 litre, mobile, in gas box3,3
ALDE hot water heating-
Fresh water tank permanent mount, 45 ltr.5
Mono Contol CS vertical (on 1 gas bottle)1
Duo Control CS vertical (on 2 gas bottles)1
Hot water supply Truma with connection for kitchen/toiletroom5
Truma Ultraheat – only in combination with opt. 551054 12 V air circulation system2
Recirculation air system (12V)4
Air conditioning Freshjet 220030
Exterior gas socket0,5
Kitchen and sanitary area
Refrigerator 189 l. instead of 107 l.18
Hinged window for toiletroom - without blinds1
Blinds for hinged window toiletroom - only in combination with Opt. 102154 "Hinged window for toiletroom"-
Shower extension for standard bathroom (shower rail, shower curtain and rail) – only available in combination with Smart package + hot water supply Truma (Opt. 450083)2
Awning 305 cm x 250 cm23
Awning 355 cm x 250 cm-
Awning 405cm x 250cm30
Awning 455cm x 250cm33
Bicycle rack “Thule Caravan Comfort”, 2 bicycles, towbar (excludes option 100570)5
Registration papers-

General additional information

3) extendable slatted frame for single beds available as an option / bed dimensions: 400 LK: 2 x 204 x 77 cm; 1 x 184 x 75 cm; 480 QDK: 179 x 65 cm; 182 x 64 cm; 186 x 66 cm; 500 FDK: 179 x 71 cm; 182 x 70 cm; 186 x 72 cm; 550 QDK: 180 x 65 cm; 183 x 64 cm; 188 x 65 cm
4) Seating group and folding bed rear right hand side optionally, bed dimensions underneath: 187 x 68, folding bed: 190 x 60
5) Gurney feature available as an option / bed dimensions 480 EU: 207 x 213/198 cm

* Please note the remarks regarding the weight specifications.
** The order of the weight increase must be processed at least three months prior to beginning of manufacturing.

– Not provided